At WIDIN Inc. we provide top-quality products to extend the effectiveness of hairstyling and reduce the hair issues of our market. Our products are designed to address the issue of dry, frizzy hair, constant itchiness, and uncontrollable flaking. WIDIN products are professional grade and 100% paraben-free. Our products is also color and Keratin safe and can be use day-to-day.   

WIDIN is a Scalp & Hair care brand...

WIDIN launched in 2017, by hairstylist Shaneek Steele. Because of Shaneek's psoriasis, she became incredibly self conscious and frustrated that there was nothing to help her with her needs. This led her to create WIDIN (the name was originated from the word "within"), a hair line dedicated to repairing scalp issues while also creating and maintaining healthy hair and scalp.

Although this line started in 2017 it already has a buzz. The Almond-Mint Oil along with the Healing Hydration Conditioner is already a  favorite amongst our customers. We continue to listen to our customers' needs and look forward to expanding in the future. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, and we are excited to help you on your journey of healthy hair and restoring your confidence.

Meet our founder Shaneek


Her Story

"I’ve been natural for nearly 2 years but I can honestly say it wasn’t by choice. I loved sporting my short relaxed hair but my scalp started to become way too sensitive for chemicals. Growing up with psoriasis was easy to overlook until I entered adulthood. The condition became unbearable and embarrassing. I began to experience dry patches, constant itchiness, and very large flakes. There was a period where  I would wash my hair 2-3 times a week thinking I could control the problem without realizing I was making it worse. I used almost every hair grease and anti-dandruff shampoo that I could think of. Nothing worked and it only wore the hair down making it flat and greasy. The constant scratching, scabs, dryness, and cracking skin created thinning and balding to my hair. My hair couldn’t grow as long as I wanted because of how weak my scalp was. I decided to take a break from the relaxers and make a life changing decision to go natural. I did the BC (big chop) in early March 2015 and during that journey, I had to do tons of research and experiment many products to find a formula that worked. And I did. My primary focus was scalp treatment. WIDIN was created to balance the scalp's PH balance and bring the moisture it lacks into the hair and scalp. I am no longer overwhelmed and embarrassed by my condition. My hair is more manageable today.


Her Background

Born with Jamaican origin, Shaneek Steele is a Bronx native hairstylist and community leader. She got her big break working alongside a few well-known celebrities and has worked on several shows and films. Her strong work ethic and passion for hair shows  through her work and has contributed to her success thus far.